Acrosser Releases Network Microbox AND-G420N1, Featuring Two LAN Bypass Serial Ports.

acrosser Technology, a world-leading networking appliance supplier, introduces the desktop networking microbox, AND-G420N1. Built on an AMD® G-Series GX-420MC platform, the microprocessor supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology, making encryption faster and more secure. Compared to DES technology, the AES technology ensures a higher level of protection for network data by providing security keys with more digits, making this microbox an ideal choice for Network security vendors.
With a remarkable six Intel® GbE LAN, AND-G420N1 offers the UTMost connectivity with a compact form factor (dimensions: 242 x 194.5 x 44 mm). In addition, the model also supports 2-pair LAN bypass for Ethernet connection. AND-G420N1 also provides a luxurious set of I/O, including two USB3.0 ports on the rear panel, two USB2.0 ports(internal pin header), one console port, 8-bit GPIO on board pin header, and one SATA II port.
AND-G420N1 was designed with customers looking for a cost-effective niche solution in mind. Samples are available upon request; please contact your nearest Acrosser Sales Team for price or shipment information.
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Product Information:
network appliance Microbox: AND-G420N1
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