The Mini-ITX motherboard is considered the most flexible format

In the current embedded market, although the Mini-iTX is not the smallest embedded computer format, the Mini-ITX motherboard is considered the most flexible format. Mini-iTX provides extension of the function , supports richer specifications and I / O interface, and also delivers high image processing performance. It is suitable for  industrial automation, KIOSK, POS, medical, gaming and retail industry applications.

There are 3 benefits for customers that adapt the Mini-iTX solutions: 1. Compared to ATX mainboard, Mini-iTX mainboard with its smaller size can fit into most crowded or small area environments. It is very important to some industries which need to put machines into cramped spaces. 2. Mini-iTX solution can decrease power consumption, thanks to its small size, and furthermore, it can reduce the cost and improve overall efficiency at work as well. 3. Mini-iTX Fan-less embedded system can be accomplished by single motherboard and low power CPU, without any PCI Expansion card. It is the most flexible platform of all available industrial computers.

acrosser Technology Co., Ltd provides customers with a complete embedded Mini-iTX motherboard product line, such as AMB-HW46T1 and AMB-IH81T1. All these Mini-ITX mainboards are the most mainstream Industrial computer motherboards in the market today, and are very easy to adapt for various industry uses.

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