Acrosser SMARC Solution: Redefining Computing Possibilities

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, innovation knows no boundaries. Meet SMARC, the unsung hero of computer-on-module form factors, revolutionizing versatility and adaptability. Boasting a high-speed MXM3 connector with 314 pins, SMARC bridges the ARM and x86 design worlds, opening doors to limitless potential.

SMARC‘s magic lies in its seamless support for both ARM and x86 architectures. Picture a single module effortlessly handling x86’s intricate interfaces and ARM’s low-level signals.

Efficiency is also SMARC’s forte. With a power envelope typically under 6W, it thrives in extreme environments, be it deserts or tundras.

acrosser’s SMARC modules take this marvel further, each equipped with a dedicated processor and an array of transmission interfaces. The result? An arsenal of functions powering smart homes, security systems, life-saving medical imaging, futuristic self-driving cars, soaring drones, and boundary-pushing robots.

Innovation is the driving force, and SMARC’s adaptability and efficiency fuel a new era of computing solutions. It’s more than a form factor; it’s a gateway to boundless possibilities. Whether you’re an innovator, creator, or visionary, SMARC is your ticket to unlocking the future. Embrace it, and let your imagination soar.


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