Network Computing (network security and network communication)

Application Scenario:
Increasing diversity of connected devices brings challenges to IT management anytime, anywhere. From enterprises to SMBs, all IT Managers need less devices to solve more problems 24/7.Implementing an UTM (Unified Network Management) appliance could be the mainstream solution, since the UTM has integrated Network security features, including: spam detection, intrusion detection, anti-virus, web filtering, intrusion prevention, VPN and firewall application.

acrosser provides quality x86 network appliance with different form factors. We supply UTM vendors with reliable hardware, and we offer seasoned industrial experience to help these vendors to build up systems with reasonable time and cost.

Microbox, AMD® G-Series GX-420MC, 6 x Intel® GbE LAN (2-pair bypass)             ANR-IB75N2/A/B Rackmount Server with fiber expansion, Networking with Intel PCH B75, 8 GbE LANs, 0/2/4 fiber LANs

Networking Microbox                                                 Networking Microbox   

AND-G420N1                                                               ANR-IB75N2/A/B
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