Network Appliances manufactured by Acrosser realizes smart home security and elderly care!

Network Appliances manufactured by acrosser is combined with an SBC Communication Application to provide a home-based, community supportive and institutionally supportive elderly care service system. They accelerate the development of medical elderly care and smart service integration, establish telemedicine service for elderly institutions, informatize home elderly care and medical communication & information solutions, and create aninformatized platform for elderly institutions.

With high-tech such as networkscloud computingmedical networksmobile internet and concepts, we provide elderly security surveillance, elderly health surveillance, outdoor care for the elderly and transportation with care houses equipped with robots, auxiliary tools and a well-planned smart space to establish a set of comprehensive smart elderly management systems and home protection systems.

The system includes daily basic information management for remote elderly caring as if there is an extra family member taking care of your elderly relatives.
It can precisely survey and monitor the living and health condition of the elderly in real-time and can be connected with clinics and pharmacies online. By installing AED and physiological measurement stations and enhance the penetration rate of caring systems, the security and comfort of the lives of the elderly can be further ensured.

We expect to realize the computerization of home caring management and enter the new era of “intelligent management & quality elderly-caring”.

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